Physical Education became Compulsory in CBSE Schools

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released a circular on Wednesday, where it mentions that a focused and constructive curriculum for health and physical education will be added soon. CBSE has made it mandatory for classes 9 to 12 in schools affiliated to it to have physical education. This healthy approach has attained noticeable acknowledgment by the schools and parents. However, they are concerned about its impact on the studies during the crucial years.

The circular added that ‘… schools are advised that while preparing a timetable for session 2018-19, one period every day may be reserved for Health and Physical Education especially for classes 9 to 12. This programme will be compulsory for all affiliated schools of CBSE.’

Students do not get a chance to do physical activities and they only follow rigorous learning sessions, where physical fitness is equally needed to stay healthy and knowledgeable. In this regard, Parthiv Dave, sports coordinator at DPS Bopal, suggested that “Nowadays, many students are obese as their lifestyle has changed drastically. It (physical education) will help them to a great extent. It will also boost career opportunities in physical education.” It is a great step of CBSE board towards a healthy life and it will ensure students are aware of a healthy lifestyle.

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On the other hand, there are other factors that have been evaluated before releasing the circular and the first aspect is that whether the school have the facility to have physical education periods or not. Besides, parents are quite concerned about their child’s career and they do not want to adopt any new thing that can hamper the student’s academic years. However, it is suggested that if the marks of physical education would be considered like other subjects, then students would take this new addition sincerely.