No homework for CBSE kids till Class II: National Council of Educational Research and Training

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has declared that the 18,000-odd CBSE schools which are following the CBSE syllabus, should not assign any homework to children up to class II. In addition, only three subjects should be taught to children up to standard III. Similarly, students from Classes III-V will be allotted only two hours of homework on a weekly basis.

Additionally, students need not carry bags to school till class II and this step is adopted by aiming at reducing back pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain in the young children. The decision was taken to ensure that students were not overburdened with work at their home, thereby affecting the quality of their life.

NCERT prepared a submission to this effect on a plea moved by advocate M.Purushothaman in the Madras high court. CBSE schools are instructed to follow only the syllabus prescribed by the NCERT to lessen the burden of the students. Filing an affidavit in response to this plea, the NCERT said that students learn information only by memorizing the concepts, including general knowledge, where they should learn new things with a practical approach. Besides, students are getting different categories in the school and these are amazing. The council finds it as a promotion of discrimination in the society.

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The council said, “The demonising effect of such labelling is devastating on children. Therefore, parents need to be vigilant about these practices, and rather than taking pride of the fact that their wards are studying in a school where these discriminating practices prevail, they need to stand against these to prevent discrimination in the society on the basis of abilities,” The council also spoke against discriminatory practices in schools across the country where students are categorized as “excellent, average, poor” before being divided into sections as per their marks.