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New CBSE bylaw a breather for parents No Donation for Admission


The new bylaws released by CBSE come as a breather for the parents seeking admissions to various CBSE affiliated schools. With the board making capitation fees or donations a strict no-no, much management will have to look out for other means to keep their fund box full.

According to the new affiliation bylaws, no society or trust or company or school shall charge capitation fee or accept donations for the purpose of admission for pupils. However, as per the new bylaws, admission fee and fees charged under any other head are to be done so only as per the regulations of the state government. “Fees shall be charged under the heads prescribed by the department of education the state or the Union Territories. Also, fee revision of the schools shall be subject to laws, regulation, and directions of the government,” said the bylaw.

“The first thing that every parent do when seeking admission is to keep a lump sum of money aside towards donations that the schools sure ask for,” said Divya Jose, parent of a Class I student of a well-known school in the city. So, the latest development has come as a blessing for the parents, she added.

According to Joby Thomas, a bank officer, the schools didn’t have any limits when it comes to asking donations. “They know that the parents come ready to pay whatever they quote. Sometimes the donations go over Rs 25,000. The excuse these institutions give is the funds are being utilized to build better infrastructure,” he said. There has been no uniformity in the fees that these institutions collect, he added.

“The school managements are worried about the dual authority clause. As it happens in the case of more than one governing authority, a lot of confusion is set to happen here too. So, the school management will sit together and talk about it, plus the other points they think might be an issue. Once an agreement is arrived at, the association will approach the board seeking a review,” he said.

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