Important Questions for Class 8 Chapter 7 - Conservation of Plants and Animals

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Chapter 7 - Conservation of Plants and Animals:

Question-1: Tribals depend on the jungle. Why?

Solution: Tribal who live near the jungle uses forest products for their necessity. They take firewood which they use as kitchen fuel. They hunt for animals for meat. They utilize plants as herbs and medicines. They also exercise the right to access, to collect, use, and dispose of minor forest produce. They also use fish and other products of water bodies, use the forest lands for grazing of their cattle. Hence, the tribals dependence on the jungle is very acute.

Question-2: There was a severe drought in Maharashtra in 2013. Explain the role of deforestation in these droughts.

Solution: Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Fewer trees result in t less carbon dioxide being used up leading to its increased acumulation in the atmosphere. This leads to global warming as carbon dioxide traps the heat rays reflected by the earth. The increase in temperature on the earth disturbs the water cycle thus reducing the amount of precipitation or rainfall. Less raindfall causes droughts. The severe drought in Maharashtra was a direct outcome of extensive deforestation.

Question-3: Why should we save paper?

Solution: The forest practices associated with some pulp and paper operations have had devastating impacts on some of the world’s most ecologically important places and species. It is because it takes 17 full grown trees to make one tonne of paper. Unsustainable pulp and paper operations have led to the conversion of high conservation value forests, and illegal harvesting. If we minimize use of paper and find better ways of recycling paper many trees can be saved from being felled and forests can be saved.
We should save, reuse used paper and recycle it. By this we not only save trees but also save energy and water needed for manufacturing paper. Moreover, the amount of harmful chemicals used in paper making will also be reduced.