Important Questions for Class 8 Chapter 17 - Stars and The Solar System

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Chapter 17 - Stars and The Solar System:

Question-1: Give important features of the moon.

Solution: 1. The moon is a natural satellite of the earth.
2. It revolves round the earth on a definite regular path.
3. The moon is about one fourth the size of the earth and its weight is about eighth that of the earth.
4. Its surface is covered with hard and loose dirt, craters and mountains.
5. On the moon, days are extremely hot and night are very cold.

Question-2: Why does the moon have different shapes on different nights?

Solution: 1. We see the moon because the sunlight falling on it gets reflected towards us.
2. We, therefore, see only that part of the moon, from which the light of the Sun is reflected towards us.
3. On different nights we see different phases as the moon is revolving around the earth so amount of light reflected also changes.

Question-3: Describe the constellation Orion.

Solution:1. Orion can be seen during winter in the late evenings.
It is one of the most magnificent constellations in the sky.
2. It also has seven or eight bright stars. Orion is also called the Hunter.
3. The three middle stars represent the belt of the hunter.
The four bright stars appear to be arranged in the form of a quadrilateral.