Important Questions for Class 8 Chapter 15-Introduction to Graph

The Important questions that we given in the PDF are based on each topic and chapter of the CBSE class 8th syllabus. Download your free PDF now and start practicing!

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Class 8 Chapter 15-Introduction to Graph:

Question 1: Observe the graph and answer the following questions
a. In which month is the TV viewership the maximum and for who?
b. Between which 2 months is the TV viewership not changing and for who?
c. In how many months is TV viewership more for boys than girls?
From the graph, the analysis are as follows
a. TV viewership is maximum in March and it is for boys.
b. Between June and July the viewership is not changing for boys.
c. In 5 months- March, May, June, July and August the TV viewership is more for boys than girls.

Question 2:
a) I buy milk of different quantities at the rate of Rs.30 per litre. Which graph do I use to represent the data if I plot quantity of milk purchased on one axis and total cost of purchase on another axis.
b) What is a linear graph?
a) I use a linear graph. As I purchase more milk, the money I spend on milk keeps increasing accordingly.
Hence the money spent on milk varies linearly with quantity of milk purchased.

b) If we plot points on a graph and on joining the plotted points we get a straight line. This graph is known as a linear graph.

Question 3: A bank gives 10% Simple Interest(S.I.) on deposits by senior citizens. Draw a graph to illustrate the relation between the sum deposited and simple interest earned. Find from your graph the following
a) The annual interest obtainable for an investment of Rs. 250.
b) The investment one has to make to get an annual simple interest of Rs. 70.
Using the simple interest formula, for different values of the principal sum we get different values of annual interest as shown in table below.
The following graph is drawn with appropriate scale.
a) The annual interest for an investment of Rs.250 is Rs.25.
b) The investment one has to make to get an annual simple interest of Rs.70 is Rs.700.