Important Questions for Class 7 Chapter 6-The Triangle and Its Properties

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Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Class 7 Chapter 6 - The Triangle and Its Properties:

Question 1: In a triangle, all the medians meet at point A. Similarly, all the altitudes meet at point N. For which triangle, point A is same as point B.
Equilateral Triangle; Only in equilateral triangle, all the altitudes and median are same lines.
So, point A will be same as point B.

Question 2: Can we say that there exists only one triangle with a particular set of sides?
Solution: Yes,
There exists a unique triangle for a particular set of sides.
This is because 2 triangles having the same set of sides will be exactly identical.
You can realize this by drawing 2 triangles with same set of sides and then trying to superimpose one over the other.
You will find that they are exactly identical.

Question 3: If there was a scalene ∆ABC in which all its angles have integral values, what would be the maximum possible value for ∠ABC? Which type of triangle would ∆ABC be, on the basis of its angles?
In scalene triangles, all the angles are different.
For ABC to be maximum, the other two angles must be minimum possible, but different. The minimum value of the other angles will be 1 and 2.
Hence, the maximum value of ABC = 177.