Important Questions for Class 7 Chapter 2-Fractions and Decimals

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Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Class 7 Chapter 2 - Fractions and Decimals:

Question 1: A bag contains 35 apples and 28 bananas. They are distributed to 7 students such that all have equal number of apples and oranges. How many fruits does a student get?
Total number of apples = 35
The numbers of apples each student gets = (35/7) = 5 apples
Total number of bananas =28
The number of bananas each student gets = (28/7) = 4 bananas
Total number of fruits a student gets = 5 apples + 4 bananas = 9

Question 2: The length of the shaded rectangle is (1/10) of the bigger rectangle and its breadth is 0.001 times the bigger rectangle . If the area of the bigger rectangle is 10000 m^2 . Find the area of the shaded rectangle.
Solution: Let the length and breadth of the bigger rectangle be 'a' metres and 'b' metres respectively.
Then length of the shaded rectangle is 0.1 a metres.
Then breadth of the shaded rectangle is 0.001 b metres.
Area of the given bigger rectangle = axb metres.
= 10000m^2
Area of the shaded rectangle = (0.1a)x(0.001b)
=(0.0001)x(10000) = 1 m^2

Question 3: The area of a rectangle is 50 m^2 . If the length of the given rectangle is (4/7) m then its breadth is?
Area of the rectangle = 50 m^2
Length of the rectangle= (4/7) metres
Length x breadth = Area
Let the breadth be ‘b’ metres
(4/7) x b = 50
b = (175/2) metres

Question 4: In a match of 50 overs, the team batting second was given a target of 310.They lost the match by by 10 runs. The team batting second, i.e. lost team, scored one half of their runs in 30 overs and next five overs they scored one half of the remaining runs. Later in the next 8 overs they scored (3/5)th of the remaining runs . In last seven overs they scored the remaining runs. How many runs Did they score in last seven overs?
Runs scored by the lost team = 310-10 = 300
Runs scored by the lost team in first 30 overs = (300/2)
Remaining runs = 300 - (300/2)
Runs scored in the next five overs = ((300/2)/2)
Remaining runs =(300/2)-(300/4)
Runs scored in next 8 overs = ((300/4)/5) = 15
Runs scored in the last seven overs =300 - 150 - 75 - 15 = 60