Important Questions for Class 7 Chapter 15 - Light

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Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Chapter 15 - Light:

Question-1: We can see objects when the lighted reflected from the objects falls upon our eyes. Why can’t walls act as mirror even the light is reflected through walls and reach our eyes?

Solution: In mirror, the reflected rays of light are parallel and reach our eyes. That’s why we can see objects through the mirror or any shining surface. Walls surface are rough and reflection of light is diffused. Due to which walls do not act as mirror.

Question-2: Difference between virtual and real image?

Solution: Real images are those images which are formed on the screen or those images which can be obtained on screen. Real images are formed when light rays actually meet at a point. Virtual images are those images which cannot be obtained on screen. In virtual image, light rays do not actually meet. We just extend them backwards and make them meet to obtain the image.

Question-3: Do we see all the objects due to reflected light?

Solution: Nearly everything seen around us is due to reflected light. Moon, for example, receives light from the sun and reflects it. We see moon because light reflected from moon reach our eyes. There are objects which give their own light such as sun, fire, bulb etc. That’s why we see them. These objects are known as luminous objects.