Important Questions for Class 6 Chapter 8-Decimals

Class 6th students should practice a lot of questions based on their syllabus to get a hold of the concepts learned. For your benefit, our math subject experts have meticulously prepared a list of important questions for CBSE class 6 Maths chapter-wise.

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Class 6 Chapter 8 - Decimals:

Question 1: Bindu always did decimals questions wrong. Manu started explaining her what is tenth in a decimal and explained it to her with examples.
How according to you would have Manu explained?
Solution: Manu explained- Tenths .
If a block of one unit is divided into 10 equal parts, then each part is 1/10 (one – tenth) of the unit.
It is written as 0.1 in decimal representation. The dot denotes the decimal point. For example 1/10th of 5= 5/10=0.5.

Question 2: Which among all the decimal numbers are the greatest and the smallest?
0.6, 0.4, 5.4, 3.2, 1.5.
Solution: Among all of them 0.4 is the smallest decimal and 5.4 is the greatest.

Question 3: Anshu had Rs45.5 and Prakhar had 45.55.who among them has more money and why?
Solution: We will first compare the tens and ones part here which is same (45) and after that we will compare tenth part and hundredths part.
Here, tenth part which is 5 is also same and but the difference is in hundredths digit which is 0 in 45.5 and 5 in 45.55.
Hence, Prakhar has more money.

Question 4: How can you write 0.78 in words?
Solution: The whole-number portion is 0, so ignore it.
The decimal portion is 78 and reaches the hundredths place,
so it is written seventy-eight hundredths.
The answer is seventy-eight hundredths.