Important Questions for Class 6 Chapter 7-Fractions

Mathematics is a kind of subject wherein a student can learn only by practice. It becomes a herculean task to find the right study material where the student of class 6th will be able to find proper questions to practice. The complete set of important questions for CBSE class 6th Maths prepared by our subject experts contains all the explanations and step by step solutions for the chapters and topics in Maths.

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Class 6 Chapter 7 - Fractions:

Question 1: Out of the numbers from 0 to 10, what fractions of them are=
1)odd numbers.
2) prime numbers
3) Even numbers.
Solution: Total numbers=11(including 0)
Fraction of odd numbers 5/11
Fraction of prime numbers 4/11
Fraction of even numbers 5/11

Question 2: Last week, Suman spent 10 hours watching television. Shobha watched television for 1/3 as many hours as Suman did. How many hours did Shobha spend watching television?
Solution: Shobha spent 1/3 times 10 hours watching television.
1/3 ×10 =?
1/3 × 10/1 = 1×10/3×1
= 10/3

Question 3: Nimmi was asked to solve all these questions by her teacher.
a. 2+3/5
b. 5+1/5
c. 1+4/5
a. 2+3/5= 13/5
b. 5+1/5=6/5
c. 1+4/5= 9/4

Question 4: Last month, Shakshi and Shashank sold candy to raise money for their debate team. shshank sold 2/5 as much candy as Shakshi did. If Shakshi sold 3 boxes of candy, how many boxes of candy did Shashank sell?
Solution: Shashank sold 2/5 times 3 boxes of candy.
2/5 X 3
Simplify the product 6/5=1(1/5)
Shashank sold 1 (1/5) boxes of candy.