Important Questions for Class 6 Chapter 6 - Changes around Us

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Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Chapter 6 - Changes around Us:

Question-1: Akanksha was very thin on her last birthday, however after 6 months she could not fit into her birthday dress. What is this process called?

Solution: Change, anything that may undergo different look, composition, colour, position, size or shape due to some factor internal or external is called change. Changes may be permanent
or temporary.

Question-2: Can undesirable changes overcome desirable changes sometimes? Explain with an example.

Solution: Yes, sometimes undesirable changes overcome the desirable once.
Example - When we go for a cycle ride and meet an accident.

Question-3: Akanksha planned to prepare lemonade for Shashank. She wishes to add ice to cool it. Should she add ice to the lemonade before or after dissolving sugar? In which case is it possible to dissolve more sugar?

Solution: The solubility of a substance decreases with the decrease in temperature. If Akanksha will add ice, the temperature of lemonade will decrease and dissolving sugar will be more difficult. Therefore ice should be added after dissolving sugar.