Important Questions for Class 6 Chapter 11-Algebra

The set of important questions for class 6 will help you in dealing with difficult topics. Class 6th students should practice a lot of questions based on their NCERT syllabus to get a hold of the concepts learned. Download your pdf today and start practicing!

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Class 6 Chapter 11 - Algebra:

Question 1: Let the age of Ajith is y years. Given that he has two brothers , one of his brother’s age is twice of Ajith and the others age is half of him. Express their ages in term of “y”,also find their ages if y= 4 years
Given age of Ajith = y years
Age of one of his brother = 2y .
Age of his other brother = (y/2).
Substitute the values of y in age, we get
Ages of Ajith and his brothers are 2, 4, 8 years.

Question 2: A person travels at speed of X m/s for one minute, still he finds himself 49 m away from a point. Given that the destination is 87 m away from that point. Find the distance between the starting point and the destination?
Distance travelled in 1 minute = (X) × (60)
= 60X.
Distance between the starting point and the destination
= 60X+49+87
= 60X +136 m.

Question 3: The income of a man A is twice the income of B. The income B is thrice that of C. Given that the sum of income of A, B and C is Rs.72000, find the income of A?
Let the income of C =Rs. X
Income of B = Rs. 3X
Income of A = Rs. 6X
Sum of the income 10X=72000 =Rs.7200
Income of A = Rs. 432000

Question 4: Three friends A, Band C went out and participated in a competition where you have to climb up the steps in the given time but none of them completed the race in the given time. If A is on step number X and B is 8 steps behind A, C is 4 steps above A. Given that A is 13 steps from the destination, find the total number of steps in the race and the step number on which B and C are standing respectively?
Given A is 13 steps away from destination
Total number of steps in destination = X+13
Step number of B = X - 8
Step number of C = X + 4

Question 5: A man in order to train his new employees gives x questions for one hour and in next hour he gives 10 more question compared to what he gave in the first hour. After two hours he finds the number of questions solved is four less than his target which is 88, how many questions were answered in the first hour?
Number of questions answered in first hour = x
Number of questions solved in the next hour = x+10
Number of questions solved = 88-4 = 84
Number of questions solved in two hours = x+x+10 = 2x+10
2x +10=84
x = 37