Important Questions for Class 6 Chapter 1 - Knowing Our Numbers

Are you in class 6th? Did you start preparing for your Maths exam now? Don’t worry. If you are preparing for your final exam or any other test, you can use this free set of important questions for CBSE class 6th math PDF for practice.

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Class 6 Chapter 1 - Knowing our Numbers:

Question 1: Saurabh bought 94 t-shirts each of Rs.576. What is the total estimated price of the product?
Solution: Estimate 94 x 576
The first number, 94, can be rounded off to the nearest ten as 90.
The second number, 576, can be rounded off to the nearest hundred as 600.
Hence, the estimated price of the product =90 x 600 = 54,000.

Question 2: Sweta while giving exam saw question no.XIV in her question paper. How can she find out what number is XIV?
Solution: Aashu made 3478.
a) The smallest digit is placed at one’s place.
(b) The next greater digit is placed at ten's place.
(c) The next greater digit is placed at hundred's place and so on.
(d) The greatest digit is placed at the highest place of the number.

Question 3: Aashu’s elder sister gave him a number 8734 and asked him to make smallest no. which could be possible from this number?
Solution: The arrangement of numbers from the smallest to the greatest is called ascending order.
The packets will be arranged as 50(1st packet), 100(2nd packet), 101(5th packet), 112(3rd packet), 115(4th packet).

Question 4: Srishti found Rs.2000 fallen on the road. Megha found Rs.3000 next day at the same place. Who is richer among them?
Solution: Suresh answered that the smallest natural number is 1 and there is no largest natural number as we have infinite natural numbers.

Question 5: Shivam asked suresh that among all the numbers, which is the smallest and the largest natural number?
Solution: 1 kilogram = 1,000 grams
So, 40 Kilograms = 40,000 grams.