Important Questions for Class 6 Chapter 1 - Food: Where Does It Come From?

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Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Chapter 1 - Food: Where Does It Come From?:

Question 1: What do you understand by rain water harvesting? Why it is important?
Solution: One way of increasing the availability of water is to collect rainwater and store it for later use.Collecting rainwater in this way is called rainwater harvesting.
The demand for water is increasing day-by-day. The number of people using water is increasing with rising population while the quantity of water available is decreasing due to excessive use of the resource, so we need to conserve water and rain water harvesting is one of the methods to conserve water and hence it is important.

Question 2: Which animal produces honey? What does it use to make honey?
Solution: Honey is produced by honey bees. Bees collect nectar (sweet juice) from flowers and store it into the beehives. This nectar is the main food for the bees. Since the flowers and their nectar remain available only for a part of the year, the bees collect as much nectar as they can and store it into the beehive. This nectar is then converted into honey. Humans extract the honey from such beehives.

Question 3: How shadows are formed? Do all objects cast shadows?
Solution: When some object is placed in the path of light, it blocks some amount of light to pass. A dark portion image is formed on the opposite side of the object. This dark portion is known as the shadow of that object. There are two types of shadow: umbra and penumbra.

The umbra is formed when no light reaches and it is a dark, black shadow. The penumbra is formed when some of the light reaches and it is grey in color.
No. only opaque objects can cast shadow.