Important Questions for Class 12 Chapter 4 - Reproductive Health

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Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Chapter 4 - Reproductive Health:

Question-1: Do you think that reproductive health in our country has improved in the past 50 years? If yes, mention some such areas of improvement

Solution: Yes, in the last 50 years, reproductive health in our country has improved. Some such areas of improvement are (i) massive child immunization (ii)maternity and child health (iii) increasing use of contraceptives (iv) family planning.
Bringing sexual and reproductive health services to the millions of people living in countries which still suffer from short life expectancies, high levels of child and maternal mortality, child lSS&ur and illiteracy and poor overall health remains a major challenge for governments and non government organizations.

Question-2: Suggest the aspects of reproductive health which need to be given special attention in the present scenario.

Solution: Providing medical facilities and care to the problems like menstrual irregularities, pregnancy related aspects, delivery, medical termination of pregnancy, STDs, birth control, infertility. Post natal child maternal management is another important aspect of the reproductive and child health care programme.

Question-3: Removal of gonads cannot be considered as a contraceptive option. Why?

Solution: Removal of gonads or its parts is a surgical method ,of sterilization. Vasectomy and tubectomy are carried out in males and females respectively. It will lead to infertility & both male and female will be dependent on hormones in their remaining life to regulate functioning of reproductive organs. These are very effective but their irreversibility is very poor, so they are not good options for contraception.