Important Questions for Class 11 Chapter 7 - Equilibrium

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Chapter 7 - Equilibrium:

Question-1: Classify the following species into Lewis acids and Lewis bases and show how these can act as Lewis acid/Lewis base?
(a) OH– ions (b) F– (c) H+ (d) BCl3

Solution: (a) OH– ions can demate an electron pair and act as Lewis base.
(b) F– ions can donate an electron pair and act’as Lewis base.
(c) H+ ions can accept an electron pair and act as Lewis acid.
(d) BCl3 can accept an electron pair since Boron atom is electron deficient. It is a Lewis acid.

Question-2: Give two characteristics of a buffer solution.

Solution: Its pH does not change on the addition of small amount of acid or base.
Its pH does not change on dilution or standing.

Question-3: Define solubility product.

Solution: It is product of molar concentration of ion raised to the power of number of ions produced per compound in saturated solution.

Question-4: Write down, how initially the rates of evaporation and condensation got changed?

Solution: On increasing the volume of the container, the rates of evaporation will increase initially because now more space is available. Since the amount of the vapours per unit volume decrease on increasing the volume, therefore, the rate of condensation will decrease initially.