Important Questions for Class 11 Chapter 12 - Thermodynamics

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Chapter 12 - Thermodynamics:

Question-1: Explain why Two bodies at different temperatures T1 and T2, if brought in thermal contact do not necessarily settle to the mean temperature (T1 + T2)/2 ?

Solution: In thermal contact, heat flows from the body at higher temperature to the body at lower temperature till temperatures become equal. The final temperature can be the mean temperature (T1+ T2)/2 only when thermal capacities of the two bodies are equal.

Question-2: The climate of a harbour town is more temperate (i.e., without extremes of heat and cold) than that of a town in a desert at the same latitude. Why?

Solution: The climate of a harbour town is more temperate (neither too hot nor too cool) due to formation of sea breeze at day time and land breeze at night time.

Question-3: The coolant that is used in a chemical or nuclear power plant should have a high specific heat. Give reason.

Solution: The coolant used in a chemical or nuclear plant should always have a high specific heat. Because higher is the specific heat of the coolant, higher is its capacity to absorb heat and release heat. Therefore, a liquid with a high specific heat value is the best coolant to be used in a nuclear or chemical plant. This would prevent different parts of the plant from getting too hot.