Important Questions for CBSE Class 9 Maths

The CBSE Math Important Questions Class 9 free PDF download is designed for 9th class students to help them prepare for their exams. This study aid also aims to provide assistance to the students who are preparing for competitive exams as well.

Chapter wise Important Questions:

Chapter 1 - Number Systems
Chapter 2 - Polynomials
Chapter 3 - Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 4 - Linear Equations in Two Variables
Chapter 5 - Introduction to Euclids Geometry
Chapter 6 - Lines and Angles
Chapter 7 - Triangles
Chapter 8 - Quadrilaterals
Chapter 9 - Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
Chapter 10 - Circles
Chapter 11 - Constructions
Chapter 12 - Heron's Formula
Chapter 13 - Surface Areas and Volumes
Chapter 14 - Statistics
Chapter 15 - Probability

Some of the CBSE class 9th important questions based on NCERT syllabus for mathematics are given below:

  1. PQRS is a rhombus and A, B, C, D are mid-points of PQ, QR, RS and SP Prove that quadrilateral ABCD is a rectangle.

  2. A conical tent is 15 m high and the base radius is 25 m. Find the slant height of the tent.
    What is the cost of the canvas required to make the tent, if the cost of one meter square canvas is Rs. 35.

  3. A circular ground of radius 10 m is located near one school. 3 girls Ankita, shyeda and Akhila are sitting at equal distance on its boundary each having a wire in her hands. Find the length of the wire.

  4. Find the lateral or curved surface area of a tank that is 5.2 m in diameter and 5.2 m high.

  5. A carton consists of 100 shirts of which 88 are good and 8 have minor defects. Rohit, a trader, will only accept the shirts which are good. But, Kamal, an another trader, will only reject the shirts which have major defects. One shirt is drawn at random from the carton. What is the probability that it is acceptable to
    (i) Rohit
    (ii) Kamal