Important Questions for CBSE Class 8 Science

The CBSE class 8th Science PDF helps you preparing for your final exam or any other class test. The questions are based on latest CBSE Syllabus designed by subject experts. PDF Covers all chapters of class 8 science syllabus. Download your free set of important CBSE questions along with the solutions now!

Chapter wise Important Questions:

Chapter 1 - Crop Production and Management
Chapter 2 - Microorganisms : Friend and Foe
Chapter 3 - Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
Chapter 4 - Materials : Metals and Non-Metals
Chapter 5 - Coal and Petroleum
Chapter 6 - Combustion and Flame
Chapter 7 - Conservation of Plants and Animals
Chapter 8 - Cell - Structure and Functions
Chapter 9 - Reproduction in Animals
Chapter 10 - Reaching The Age of Adolescence
Chapter 11 - Force and Pressure
Chapter 12 - Friction
Chapter 13 - Sound
Chapter 14 - Chemical Effects of Electric Current
Chapter 15 - Some Natural Phenomena
Chapter 16 - Light
Chapter 17 - Stars and The Solar System
Chapter 18 - Pollution of Air and Water

Some of the CBSE Class 8 NCERT Important Questions:

Question 1: Differentiate between complete and incomplete combustion.

Question 2: What measures can be taken to improve the quality of lives of the children with hearing impairment?

Question 3: Mention three application of artificial satellites.

Question 4: What is earthing? Why earthing is provided in the buildings?

Question 5: Define fuel efficiency.