Important Questions for CBSE Class 6 Science

CBSE class 6 Science PDF contains free set of important questions for practice. Our subject experts with years of experience have studied the CBSE exam patterns very carefully and come up with these set of questions based on the current CBSE syllabus. Get your set of questions now and be expert in your subject.

ChapterWise Important Questions:

Chapter 1 - Food: Where Does It Come From?

Chapter 2 - Components of Food

Chapter 3 - Fibre to Fabric

Chapter 4 - Sorting Materials into Groups

Chapter 5 - Separation of Substances

Chapter 6 - Changes around Us

Chapter 7 - Getting to Know Plants

Chapter 8 - Body Movements

Chapter 9 - The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings

Chapter 10 - Motion and Measurement of Distances

Chapter 11 - Light, Shadows and Reflections

Chapter 12 - Electricity and Circuits

Chapter 13 - Fun with Magnets

Chapter 14 - Water

Chapter 15 - Air Around Us

Chapter 16 - Garbage In, Garbage Out

Some of the CBSE class 6 important questions for practice are given below:

Question 1: What is respiration?

Question 2: What is common between vinegar and salt?

Question 3: Living organisms require oxygen for respiration. Where do they get it from?

Question 4: Write any three properties of a magnet.

Question 5: Name and explain the categories of plants?