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Effective Ways to Overcome Exam Anxiety

The word "Exam" brings with it some degree of stress and nervousness. The fear of exam is no different from any other form of fear and one must be honest about the factors. This is more common than you think. If you have question in mind that, how to Calm nerves Before an Exam then we have the answer! Here are some tried and tested methods.

Prioritize and schedule
Make a list of things and prioritize based on what is important. Ideally, mark importance based on past question papers, not on what your best friend told you an hour before.
Also make a realistic assessment of number of hours left for the exam and what you could wrap up till then.

Phone a friend
Discuss about specific rules and formulas you have already covered and aware of. Do not panic if you come across a new topic or question. Make a mental note and set yourself a time slot to go through it.

Top tips
Do not attempt anything new at the last moment and you must accept the fact that you will not be cover these in the last minute. Things you have found easy and need to do a quick revision. If they are important, review this thoroughly. This might help reduce your panic level. Never start any argument with anyone and keep yourself aloof.

Pack your bags
The last thing you want to do is land up at the exam hall without your ID card or other important documents. So pack your bag well ahead of time. This gives you the freedom to revise till the last minute.

Get enough sleep
Remember our brain works best when it’s in relaxed state. Make sure to get proper sleep before you get ready for the D day.

Have a well-balanced diet
Drinks enough water. Eat foods rich in,
-antioxidants like beans, nuts, spinach, vitamins
-Vitamins like Almonds, milk etc

Tell yourself, you are ready to write your exam. All the best for your exams. Do well!