Important Questions for Class 7 Chapter 11-Perimeter and Area

The PDF of important questions for CBSE Class 7th will help you in doing a complete revision in Maths and getting good scores. Hence practice these question and answer and score more in your exams

Important questions based on NCERT syllabus for Class 7 Chapter 11 - Perimeter and Area:

Question 1: From the given information calculate the area of the triangle. Given height of the triangle is 5 cm and it divides the base into two equal parts of 3 cm each. Express your answer in m^2 .
Solution: Height = 5cm
Given base is divided into two equal parts, so base length = 3+3 = 6cm
Area of the triangle = (1/2) x base x height
= (1/2)x(5/100)x(6/100)
= (15/10000)
= 0.0015
= 0.0015 m^2

Question 2: If a stick given is of length 628 m is bent in the form a circle and later bent into a square .which of these Circle or square have greater area ?
Length of the stick is equal to perimeter of circle and square individually.
Circle of given radius has perimeter of 628 m
Radius of the given circle = (628/(2xπ))
= 100 m
Area of the circle = (π)x(r)^2
=31400 m^2

Question 3: Given a man is walking in a circular park , in one revolution he completes 314 m . If there is a man In the opposite end of the diameter which is drawn from the point where the man is standing . Find The minimum distance he has to walk to meet his friend who is sitting on the described point ?
Circumference of the circle = 314 m
Radius of the given circle = (314/(2xπ))
= 50 m
Diameter is what has been aske to find Diameter = (2)x(50)
= 100 m