Change in Class Xth and XIIth CBSE Exam Pattern from 2020!


In yet another drastic step taken by Central Board of Secondary Education to make the annual exam affair more secure, CBSE has decided to bring in productive changes in class X and XII exam patterns from the year 2020. Though there is no confirmation yet from the CBSE board, sources say that the board has decided to take this step as a part of revamping that is happening to reduce the burden of exams from the shoulders of the students. The main idea behind this step is also to curb the process of rote learning on part of the students. The sources are of the opinion that it would take almost three to four months to get any confirmed reports on the Board’s decision.

According to the sources, the vocational subject tests would be conducted earlier i.e. in February itself as the number of students taking them would be comparatively less, and the main subject exams will be conducted in March. This change will facilitate in wrapping up the CBSE board exams sooner i.e. within 15 days of March and providing more time for evaluation of the papers. The exam results can also be announced at an earlier date.

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Further, the questions in the new pattern would test the student’s analytical abilities. There will be more short answer questions or objective type which will test the student’s critical thinking abilities and also check their learning outcomes. The present system gives more chance of gaining marks based on rote learning. The CBSE officials are of the opinion that students should get a better chance to prove their mettle. Therefore, this change is essential.

The CBSE Board has also submitted a new set of “CBSE bylaws” to the ministry of Education for approval. According to the new laws, the CBSE board would lay more focus on the academic quality of the educational institutions while accepting affiliation requests or renewal requests from the schools. The Board is of the opinion that the infrastructural inspection of schools can be done by the State education departments and other agencies while granting recognition to the schools. Therefore, it will be a futile exercise to spend time and money on the same kind of inspection again. Instead, the Board can inspect the academic quality of schools, the pedagogy that is followed and the learning outcomes. It may take a few more months to get confirmed news about the changes in exam pattern, but this step will definitely benefit the students and teachers in the long run.

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