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CBSE Schools told not to conduct classes during summer vacation!

The Kerala high court has allowed 52 CBSE schools to conduct classes for students of 9-12th standards during summer vacation for the instructional days lost due to hartals and strikes. The Kerala High Court has stayed the orders of the State Commission and the Director of Public Instructions restricting the CBSE-affiliated schools from arranging classes for the academic standard IX to XII during the summer vacation. In this regard, some CBSE affiliated schools tried to get permission from CBSE to continue the class at least for 20 days. The maximum number of days so allowed is limited to 20 days, the order said.

CBSE had informed the court that schools would require around 220 instructional days to complete the syllabus but the number of working days in Kerala was only 166 due to hartals and holidays. A total of 12.07 instructional days are lost on an average due to hartals and strikes, the court was told.

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Some CBSE-affiliated schools gave petitions to the court and these schools are directed to submit a proper application before the Regional Director of CBSE in a week by mentioning the reasons for conducting vacation classes. It is also suggested to mention the dates of classes. Those schools were also directed to submit a declaration by the managements and the Principals of the respective schools by mentioning that the school had sufficient facilities for conducting vacation classes. Additionally, attaching a resolution passed by the Parent Teachers Association is needed, along with specifying the dates of classes.

As per the court order the Regional Director needs to consider the applications based on the working days dismissed due to strike and other reasons during the previous academic year and fix the number of days needed for the vacation classes. In this regard, an upper limit of 20 days is fixed for the vacation classes. Moreover, after passing the orders by the Regional Director, the classes will be commenced.