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Tips to Score Better in CBSE Exams


With the time-table of CBSE class 10th board exams being announced, students become frantic thinking about last minute preparations. The Central Board of Secondary Education has shared the date sheets of the CBSE class 10th board exams. According to the date sheet, the examinations will begin from February 21st, 2019 and end on March 29th, 2019.

The marking scheme for the class 10th board exams has also undergone a change. The student would now be assessed for 80 marks in the main board exams and 20 marks will be given through internal assessments.

Class 10th is considered an important milestone in the life of students as their future career depends upon the marks obtained in these exams. Therefore, students must prepare well to ace the exams.

The following are some of the important and easy steps to follow to score above 90% in CBSE class 10th board exams. Further, the same tips can also be applied while preparing for CBSE class 12th board exams 2019 which are considered to be another important stage in a student’s educational life.

Tips for students:

  1. It is better to follow NCERT textbooks as the main books for preparation. Thorough knowledge of all the topics covered in the book should be possessed by the student to get good results.
  2. It is very important that students understand the different concepts taught in different subjects. At any point of time, mugging up should not be encouraged as it may lead to loss of marks as students may forget the whole answer if one word is forgotten.
  3. It is also important to take breaks often to avoid stress.
  4. Students should keep by hearting the theorems and formulas to remember them throughout the exam time.
  5. Students should practice what they have learned by solving the sample papers and old question papers. It helps them to increase their speed as well as understand how much time to spend on each type of question.
  6. It would also help to give weightage to each question separately and prepare accordingly.
  7. The answer sheet should be kept clean and tidy while writing the answers. It is better to avoid scribbling and overwriting to leave a good impression on the examiner.
  8. For the long answer questions, presenting the information in bulleted points will be better than sharing long paragraphs. Points are easily comprehensible than paragraphs.
  9. Due time should be allotted to various subjects while preparing. No subject or part of portion should be ignored to get good marks.
  10. In the exam hall, students should read the question and given instructions thoroughly.
  11. It is always better to attempt the questions that a student is sure of first. It also helps in saving time.
  12. The questions should carry the correct numbers. The space between the answers should also be appropriate.
  13. Every student to should spend a few minutes to revise the answers written in the exams. It helps to check whether any question is left unattempted or the answer is incorrect.

By following the above-given tips, students can definitely score more in their CBSE class 10th board exams and 12th board exams which are around the corner now!