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CBSE plans to make it easier for class 10 students to pass board exams


The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) may soon make it easier for its class 10 students to pass their board exams. At present, it’s mandatory to secure 33% in class 10 board exam and 33% in internal assessment but CBSE wants to change that.
Students appearing for the class 10 exams may soon be exempted from securing 33 percent marks in theory (board exam) and the internal assessment separately. The decision is expected to bring relief to lakhs of students.
In a circular issued to all CBSE-affiliated schools across the country, however, it said that the decision to implement an overall 33 percent pass mark criteria was for this year’s batch of students only.
“The relaxation was given as a one-time measure but we feel that there is a need to extend it for next year too,” the senior HRD official said. “Students will not be required to secure separate 33 percent marks for theory and practicals. This will give them the much-needed relief. CBSE will take a final call on it”.