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CBSE Plans to Introduce AI as a Skill Subject in Class 8, 9 and 10


Want to become a scientist dealing with AI? Willing to make a robot with AI? Whatever is your passion or interest, Central Board of Secondary Education is making all grounds ready for you to pursue your dream profession. CBSE is all set to introduce AI as a skill subject in class 8, 9, and 10. This decision was mainly taken to help the school students get well-versed with the technologies that are shaping the future. AI would be introduced as an elective subject. The decision to introduce AI at school level was taken at a recent CBSE governing body’s meeting.

What does AI mean?
Artificial Intelligence means a technology which facilitates a machine to think, learn and perform different tasks that are normally done by humans. Various functions such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making skills, etc. that require human intelligence will be performed by robots. Machines including computers are now a day used to play chess, operate cars, etc. This is possible due to the artificial intelligence.

What is CBSE Board doing to help schools and students?
The CBSE Board has to modernise and bring appropriate changes to its syllabus and school curriculum to ensure that they meet the growing demand in the educational field. The latest technologies such as AI, Data Analytics and Big Data are making a huge impact throughout the world. CBSE is striving to be abreast with these developments. The syllabus for the AL subject would be drafted for all the three classes separately. The CBSE board is also ready to help the schools in capacity building activity to teach and learn the new subject from the coming academic session.

How and when did the idea to introduce AI germinate?
According to CBSE board official, the idea of introducing the subject as vocational subject came from a session held at the NITI Aayog, the government’s policy think tank. CBSE started exploring the concept after it. The board discussed with stake holders and a school which was already teaching the subject. Therefore, after constructive discussions, the CBSE board decided to include artificial intelligence as an optional subject, said the official.
From the next academic session, students of class 8, 9, and 10 who are interested will be able to learn and know more about AI.