CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 4

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CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 4:


Draw the following:

  1. The square READ with RE = 5.1 cm.
  2. A rhombus whose diagonals are 5.2 cm and 6.4 cm.


  1. Given RE=5.1 cm.
    To construct: A square READ
    Steps of construction:
    (i) Draw RE=5.1 cm
    (ii) At point E, construct an angle of 900 and draw an arc of radius 5.1 cm , which intersects at
    point A.
    (iii) At point R, draw an arc of radius 5.1 cm at point A, draw another arc of radius 5.1 cm which intersects the first arc at point D.
    (iv) Join AD and RD
    (ii) Given Diagonal of a rhombus AC=5.2 cm and BD= 6.4 cm.
    To construct: A rhombus ABCD.
    Steps of construction:
    (a) Draw AC=5.2 cm and draw perpendicular bisectors on AC.
    (b) Since, diagonals bisects at mid-point O, therefore get half of 6.4 cm , it. 3.2 cm.
    (c) Draw two arcs on both sides of AC of radius 3.2 cm from intersection point O, which intersects at B and D.
    (d) Join AB, BC, CD, DA.
    It is required rhombus ABCD.


Construct the following quadrilaterals:
(i) Quadrilateral DEAR
DE=4cm, EA=5cm, AR=4.5cm, ∠E=600,∠A=900


(i) Given DE=4cm, EA=5cm, AR=4.5cm, ∠E=600
To construct: A quadrilateral DEAR.
Steps of construction:
(a) Draw a line segment DE=4cm.
(b) At point E, construct an angle of 600
(c) Taking radius 5 cm, draw an arc from point E which intersects at A.
(d) Construct ∠A=900 , draw an arc of radius 4.5 cm with centre A which intersects at R.
(e) Join RD.
It is the required quadrilateral DEAR.