CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 15

Students are advised to practice the NCERT questions and solutions for class 8 on a regular basis to score well in their class 8 exam. Chapter-wise, thorough solutions to the questions of the NCERT textbooks are provided with the aim of helping students compare their answers.

CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 15:


State whether True or False. Correct that are false.
(i) A point whose x coordinate is zero and y-coordinate is non-zero will lie on the y-axis.
(ii) A point whose y coordinate is zero and x-coordinate is 5 will lie on y-axis.
(iii) The co-ordinates of the origin are (0, 0).


(i) True
(ii) False, it will lie on x axis
(iii) True


For an experiment in Botany, two different plants, plant A and plant B were grown under similar laboratory conditions. Their heights were measured at the end of each week for 3 weeks. The results are shown by the following graph.
(a) How high was Plant A after (i) 2 weeks (ii) 3weeks?
(b) How high was Plant B after (i) 2 weeks (ii) 3 weeks?
(c) How much did Plant A grow during the 3rd week?
(d) How much did Plant B grow from the end of the 2nd week to the end of the 3rd week?
(e) During which week did Plant A grow most?
(f) During which week did Plant B grow least?
(g) Were the two plants of the same height during any week shown here? Specify.


(a) (i)The plant A was 7 cm high after 2 weeks and
(ii) After 3 weeks it was 9 cm high
(b) (i)Plant B was also 7cm high after 2 weeks and
(ii) After 3 weeks it was 10 cm high
(c) Plant A grew=9 cm – 7 cm = 2cm during 3rd week.
(d) Plant B grew during end of the 2nd week to the end of the 3rdweek= 10 cm – 7cm= 3cm
(e) Plant A grew the highest during second week.
(f) Plant B grew the least during first week.
(g) At the end of the second week, plant A and B were of the same height.


The following graph shows the temperature forecast and the actual temperature for each day of a week.
(a) On which days was the forecast temperature the same as the act temperature?
(b) What was the maximum forecast temperature during the week?
(c) What was the minimum actual temperature during the week?
(d) On which day did the actual temperature differ the most from the forecast temperature?


(a) On Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, the forecast temperature was same as the actual
(b) The maximum forecast temperature was 35oC.
(c) The minimum actual temperature was 15oC.
(d) The actual temperature differed the most from the forecast temperature on