CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Chapter 1

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CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths Chapter 1:


Fill in the blanks:
(i) Zero has --------- Reciprocal.
(ii) The s ---------- and --------- are their own reciprocals.
(iii) The reciprocal of -5 is ------------
(iv) Reciprocal of 1/x, where x ≠0 is -------------
(v) The product of two rational s is always a -------------
(vi) The reciprocal of a positive rational is -------------


(i) No
(ii) 1, -1
(iv) X
(v) Rational number
(vi) Positive


Find the multiplicative inverse of the following:

  1. -13/19 ii) 1/5 iii)-13 iv) -5/8 * -3/7 v)-1* -2/5 vi)-1


We know that multiplicative inverse of a rational number a is 1a such that a1a=1
(i) Multiplicative inverse of – 13 is -1/13
(ii) Multiplicative inverse of -13/19 is-19/13
(iii) Multiplicative inverse of 1/5 is 5
(iv) Multiplicative inverse of -5/8
(v) Multiplicative inverse of -1* -2/5=2/5is5/2
(vi) Multiplicative inverse of – 1 is 1/-1


Write the additive inverse of each of the following:
i) 2/8 ii)-5/9 iii)6/5 iv)2/-9 v)19/-6


We know that additive inverse of a rational numberabis -ab such thatab+-ab=0

(i) Additive inverse of 2/8 is-2/8

(ii) Additive inverse of -5/9 is 5/9

(iii) Additive inverse of -6/-5 is -6/5

(iv) Additive inverse of2/-9 is2/9

(v) Additive inverse of 19/-6 is 19/6