CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Chapter 2

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CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths Chapter 2:


Vidya and Pratap went for a picnic. Their mother gave them a water bottle that contained 5 Litres of water.Vidya consumed 2/5 of the water. Pratap consumed the remaining water.
(i) How much water did vidya drink?
(ii) What fraction of the total quantity of water did Pratap drink?


Given: Total quantity of water in bottle 5 litres
i) Vidya consumed = 2/5 of 5 litres = 2/5×5=2 litres
Thus, vidya drank 2 litres water from the bottle
ii) Pratap consumed 1- 2/5 part of bottle
= 5-2/5=3/5 part of bottles
Pratap consumed 3/5 of 5 litres water = 3/5×5=3 litres
Thus pratap drank 3/5 part of the total quantity of water.


A car runs 16 km using 1 litre of petrol. How much distance will it cover using 2x3/4 litres of petrol?


In 1litres of pertrol, car covers that distance 16 km
In2x3/4 litres of petrol, care covers the distance 2x3/4 of 16km = 11/4×14=44km
Thus, car will cover 44 km distance


Ritu ate 5/3 part of an apple and the remaining apple was eaten by her brother Somu. How much Part of the apple did somu eat? Who had the larger share? By how much?


The part of an apple eaten by Ritu = 3/5
The part of an apple eaten by Somu 1-3/5=5-3/5=2/3
Comparing the parts of apple eaten by both Ritu and Somu = 3/5>2/5
Larger share will be more by 3/5-2/5=1/5 part
Thus, Ritu's part is 1/5 more than Somu's part.


Michael finished colouring a picture in 12/7 hour. Vaibhav finished colouring the same picture in 4/3 hour. Who worked longer? By what fraction was it longer?


Time taken by Michael to colour the picture = 7/12 hour
Time taken by Vaibhav to colour the picture ¾ hour
Converting both fraction sin like fractions, 7/12 and 3×3/4×3=9/12
Here, 7/12<9/12 => 7/12<3/4
Thus, Vaibhav worked longer time.
Vaibhav worked longer time by 3/4-7/12=9-7/12=2/12=16hour
Thus, Vaibhav took 1/6 hour more than Michael