CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 15

The solutions that we are providing here has been designed by our expert teachers so that it serves as an authentic and appropriate resource for students. These class 6 solutions for science will help students to understand the different topics in a very simple language and in a conceptual manner.

CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Science Chapter 15:


How will you prove that air supports burning?


Light a candle and place a jar over it. Also keep a tray underneath which is filled with water so that it becomes air tight. After sometime the oxygen inside the jar is consumed, releasing carbon dioxide. In the absence of oxygen, the flame goes off. This shows air supports burning.


How will you show that air is dissolved in water?


To show that air is dissolved in water we take water in a pan and heart it. Just before it boils, you will notice some bubbles at the inner surface of the pan. These bubbles are formed because of air dissolved in water.


Why does a lump of cotton wool shrink in water?


A lump of cotton wool shrinks when immersed in water. This is because air present in
the cotton wool escapes. Thus, the volume of the cotton wool decreases.


List five activities that are possible due to the presence of air


(i) Respiration
(ii) Photosynthesis
(iii) Burning
(iv) Movement of sailing yachts, gliders, parachutes, airplanes
(v) Generation of electricity by windmills