CBSE Class 8 Science Sample Papers

Marks: 25
Duration: 1 hour

Section A: Each Question Carries 1 Mark

Question 1: The period of life, when the body undergoes changes to reproduce maturity, is called _______?
A. Puberty
B. Adolescence
C. Teenagers
D. Menopause

Question 2: __________ Force can either attract or repel objects?

A. Gravitational force
B. Electromagnetic force
C. Magnetic force
D. Electrical force

Question 3: ____________ is the good conductor of electricity?
A. Lemon juice
B. Body fat
C. Water
D. Glass

Section B: Each Question Carries 2 Mark

Question 1: Define virus? Give an example?

Question 2: What are natural and man- made material?

Section C: Each Question Carries 4 Mark

Question 1: Explain the asexual reproduction in hydra and amoeba?

Question 2: How light is reflected and dispersed?

Section D: Each Question Carries 5 Mark

Question 1: Answer the following questions.
a. What is the effect of global warming?
b. Define acid rain how does it damage the atmosphere and people?

Question 2: Explain the basic practices of crop production?