CBSE Class 7 Social Science Sample Papers

Marks: 25
Duration: 1 hour

Section A: Each Question Carries 1 Mark

Question 1: Which among the following is an example for Human environment?
A. Buildings
B. Roads
C. Industries
D. Religion
E. None of These

Question 2: This act prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, religion or national origin?
A. Civil Right Act
B. Civic Right Act
C. Citizen Right Act
D. Central Right Act
E. None of These

Question 3: Which temple was constructed by the King Dhangadeva of the Chandela Dynasty?
A. Taj Mahal
B. Jahangiri Mahal
C. Kandariya Mahadeva
D. Meenakshi Temple
E. None of These

Section B: Each Question Carries 2 Mark

Question 1: Differentiate between temporary and permanent settlement?

Question 2: What do you understand by Universal Adult Franchise?

Question 3: What is the composition of crust and what is its thickness?

Section C: Each Question Carries 3 Mark

Question 1: Mention the positive effects of Mid-day meal scheme?

Question 2: What were the activities associated with Chola temples?

Section D: Each Question Carries 5 Mark

Question 1: Give a description of the different occupations and traditions followed by the people of Ladakh.

Question 2: What are the main causes behind the downfall if the mighty Mughal Empire? Discuss any four?