CBSE Class 6 Maths Sample Papers

Download Class 6 maths CBSE sample papers to prepare for your Exams. Develop the competitive spirit through CBSE Class 6 Sample paper designed by experts to make students familiar with the syllabus covered and exam pattern. After working on all the sample papers students face real examinations more confidently.

Marks- 30
Duration- 1:30 hours

Section A: Each question carries 1 mark

Question 1: A square has how many lines of symmetry
Option A: 1
Option B: 4
Option C: 2
Option D: 3

Question 2: The area of a rectangle having length equal to 100 cm and breadth equal to 45 cm is
Option A: 4500 sq cm
Option B: 2500 sq cm
Option C: 1200 sq cm
Option D: 9000 sq cm

Question 3: Digit at the tenths place of 156.89 is
Option A: 1
Option B: 6
Option C: 8
Option D: 9

Question 4: The greatest number that will divide 24 and 36 is
Option A: 24
Option B: 36
Option C: 72
Option D: 12

Section B: Each question carries 2 marks

Question 1: A rectangular floor having length of 100 cm and width of 80 cm need to be carpeted. A carpet square in shape is laid on the floor whose each side measures 75 cm. Find out the area of the floor which was not covered by the carpet.

Question 2: A line segment of length 57 cm was divided into 3 equal parts namely AB, BC and CD starting from left to right. On the rightmost end, a mirror is kept. What is the distance of an object kept at point B from its image in the mirror?

Question 3: Draw an angle of measure 60 degrees using compass and scale only. Also, draw its bisector.

Section C: Each question carries 4 marks

Question 1: The total length of a rope is 7 / 10 ft out of which 3 / 5 ft is cut out to make a smaller rope. Find out the measure of the remaining uncut rope. Also, find the measure in inches

Question 2: The cost of a whiteboard is Rs. 200 / 6 and that of the marker is Rs. 100 / 9. Find out which costs more the whiteboard or the marker and by how much amount does the costlier product cost?

Section D: Each question carries 6 marks

Question 1: A rectangular tank of volume 540 cm^3 is completely filled with water in 8 1 / 2 hrs. Find out the volume of the tank that is filled up when the tap is open for only 3.5 hrs. Also, find out the volume of the tank that remains not filled up after 3.5 hrs.

Question 2: The teacher of a school writes down the alphabets from A to Z on the board in order. He then tries to teach two different types of lines of symmetry – the horizontal line of symmetry and the vertical line of symmetry. Identify those letters which has horizontal line of symmetry and those letters which has the vertical line of symmetry. Also, identify those letters which has neither horizontal line of symmetry nor vertical lie of symmetry.