CBSE Class 4 English Sample Papers

Download CBSE Sample Papers for Class 4 English prepared by subject matter experts to get a better overall score. Get sample paper for class 4 so that students can improve their preparation skills.

Marks: 25
Duration: 2 hours

Section A: Each Question Carries 1 Mark

Fill in the blanks with the right words and complete the sentences:

  1. Amrita ___________ tired.
    a) be
    b) is
    c) has
    d) have

  2. " ___________ is she?" "She's my friend from London"
    a) Who
    b) Why
    c) Which
    d) What

  3. Today is Wednesday. Yesterday it ___________ Tuesday.
    a) were
    b) is
    c) be
    d) was

  4. It's Thursday today. Tomorrow it ___________ Friday.
    a) be
    b) was
    c) will be
    d) will

  5. ___________ lots of animals in the zoo.
    a) There
    b) There is
    c) There are
    d) There aren't

  6. How many people ___________ in your family?
    a) are there
    b) is there
    c) there are
    d) there

  7. "Has Sara got a sister?" "No, she ___________, but she's got 2 brothers."
    a) has
    b) hasn't
    c) haven't
    d) not

  8. Where ___________ Steve live?
    a) are
    b) is
    c) do
    d) does

  9. ___________ to London on the train yesterday?
    a) Did Christy went
    b) Did Christy go
    c) Christy go
    d) Christy goes

  10. Jack ___________ English, Spanish and a bit of French.
    a) speaks
    b) speak
    c) speaking
    d) is speaking

Section B: Each Question Carries 3 Mark
  1. Write the Opposites of the following:
    a) fresh x ______________
    b) defeated x ______________
    c) end x ______________
    d) shouted x ______________
    e) seldom x ______________
    f) victory x ______________

  2. Write the Plurals of the following:
    a) knife = ______________
    b) chief = ______________
    c) tomato = ______________
    d) flamingo = ______________
    e) cactus = ______________
    f) millennium = ______________

  3. Write the opposite Gender of the following:
    a) author = ______________
    b) emperor = ______________
    c) governor = ______________
    d) heir = ______________
    e) landlord = ______________
    f) mayor = ______________

  4. Choose the best describing word for each animal and fill in the blanks:
    a) A __________ lamb ( cunning, wild, gentle)
    b) A___________ fox ( wild, sly, tiny)
    c) A ___________ rabbit (brave, faithful, cruel)
    d) A ___________ elephant ( faithful, heavy, huge)
    e) A ___________ mouse ( clever, tiny, sly)
    f) A ___________ lion ( strong, cruel, mighty)

  5. Make naming words by using ness, ity, ty at the end of the words given below.
    a) Public
    b) Stupid
    c) Forgive
    d) Polite
    e) Cruel
    f) Moral