CBSE Class 3 English Sample Papers

Marks: 25
Duration: 2 hours

Section A: Each Question Carries 1 Mark

What do these people do? Choose the most suitable word from the brackets.

  1. A baker __________________ bread. (bakes /shakes / cooks )
  2. A football player _______________ football. (buys/sleeps/plays)
  3. A cook ________________ dishes in a restaurant. ( buys / cooks / plays )
  4. A mechanic _______________ cars. (hates / makes / repairs )
  5. A hair dresser _____________ hair. ( cuts / grows/ plants )
Section B: Each Question Carries 2 Mark
  1. Arrange the following jumbled words in the correct order. Begin your sentences with capital letters and end with full stop:
    a) what did benjamin use to draw the pictures?
    b) the king felt sorry for the bird
    c) grandmother’s keys on are table the
    d) seven are in colours rainbow there a

  2. Write the opposite word:
    a) go –
    b) love –
    c) right –
    d) laugh –

  3. Write the rhyming word:
    a) coat = _______________
    b) red = _______________
    c) funny = _______________
    d) day = _______________

  4. Give the past form for the following:
    a) dance
    b) laugh
    c) love
    d) find

Section C: 1 mark Each (12 Marks)

Question 1 :
Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs:
bloom, play , eat, burns, write, blows, read, fly, lay, build,
a) He likes to __________________ tennis.
b) We __________________ with a pen.
c) An ostrich cannot __________________
d) Hens __________________ eggs.
e) A lion does not __________________ grass.
f) Most people __________________ a newspaper in the morning.
g) Birds __________________ nests.
h) Buds __________________ into flowers.
i) Fire __________________

Question 2: Write the correct singular or plural noun in parentheses to complete each sentence.
a) Raj was packing two (suitcase, suitcases) for a trip. ___________
b) One (suitcase, suitcases) is a carry-on bag. ______________
c) He decided to take three (shirt, shirts) along. _______________