CBSE Class 2 English Sample Papers

Marks: 25
Duration: 2 hours

Section A: Each Question Carries 1 Mark

Read each sentence. Then complete the sentence with the words from the list.

Question 1: Please put all your ___________ in the sink. (dish/dishs/dishes)

Question 2: Ken has three baseball ____________. (bats/ bat/ bates)

Question 3: Which one of these ____________ would you like? (cat/ cats/ cates)

Question 4: Laura has two ______________ on her farm. (piges/ pig/ pigs)

Question 5: The baby gave me two wet ____________ on the cheek. (kisses/ kisss/ kiss)

Section B: Each Question Carries 2 Mark

Question 1: Write the day of the week that each sentence is talking about, and then write its abbreviation.
a. This day is the day after Wednesday. ___________________
b. This day is five days before Saturday. ___________________

Question 2: Underline the verb in each sentence:
a. Harry wrote an essay about her vacation to France.
b. The new teacher was a young man from England.

Question 3: Complete each sentence with the correct punctuation. Each answers will be one of the following: ( !/ ./ ? )
a. Kyle loves to help his dad cook dinner ________
b. What do you think Kyle and his dad will cook tonight ________

Question 4: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words by writing either ou or ow.
a. s n __ __
b. c r __ __ n

Section C: Each Carries 1 Mark: 12 x 1 = 12

Complete the sentences with the articles ( a, an, the)
a. I like ________ blue T-shirt over there better than the red one.
b. Their car does 150 miles __________ hour.
c. Where's __________ USB drive I lent you last week?
d. Is your mother working in __________ old office building?
e. Carol's father works as __________ electrician.
f. Ben has __________ terrible headache.
g. After this tour you have __________ whole afternoon free to explore ________ city.
h. Listen! Dennis is playing _________trumpet.
i. There is __________ green English book on the desk.
j. My father is ___________ honest person.
k. Are you coming to _________ party next Saturday?
l. He is drinking ____________ cup of coffee.