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CBSE asks schools to create awareness about International Yoga Day

CBSE has asked all of its affiliated schools to create awareness among the students about the International Yoga Day (IYD) which will be celebrated on June 21. The United Nations had declared June 21 as IYD in 2015.

To create awareness about the International Yoga Day (IYD) and the immeasurable benefits it has for students. This time, CBSE has taken the initiative and instructed all its affiliated schools to organize programs and activities for students of all grades, so that they can participate and learn the complete benefits of yoga.

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This time, the day is decided to be celebrated by focusing on the Common Yoga Protocol (CYP) and based on that, group yoga demonstration will be added in the activities. This time, creating awareness about the CYP is its main motto. Yoga prayer and Common Yoga Protocol videos are shared in social media by the Ministry of Ayush. To spread awareness about the maximum well-being and health of the individuals, the Asanas and practices under the CYP are highlighted for a diverse group of people.

All schools affiliated to CBSE board have been asked to share the links of the videos given by the Ministry of Ayush. The Government of India with all its stakeholders is asked to reach out to a good number of people from different profiles of health and age and disclose the information about their overall well-being.

The affiliated schools can connect with Dr. Manjit Singh, Sports Cell, CBSE at manjit.cbse@gmail.com or cbsegames@gmail.com for any further query.

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