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CBSE amends exam format to meet necessities of children with special needs


A recent circular of the Central Board of Secondary Examination stated that children with special need (CWSN) appearing in public examination have been permitted to use computer or laptops to write their exam papers.
However, the CWSN would have to submit a certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner, certified clinical psychologist or qualified psychological consultant in this regard.

This additional concession for the CWSN category has been rendered from this year for two purposes –

  • First, computer will be used for viewing the questions in enlarged font size or to listen to the questions.
  • Secondly, the computer will be used completely for typing the answers.
    The permitted CWSN would have to bring his or her own computer or laptop which will be inspected and duly formatted for use by the CWSN and it should devoid any internet connection.

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"The computer/laptop should not have any internet connection in order to maintain the sanctity of the examination. The request for such an arrangement will have to be made in advance by the candidates by sending a communication with required documents to the CS through school," clarifies the circular along with specifying a relaxation in attendance up to 50% for the candidates with special needs.

The circular further states that the invigilator will be required to sign the printouts of the answers typed by the candidate by providing this facility at the examination centre.

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