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Board Exam 2019: A Two-Month Preparation Strategy


The Board exams, like CBSE, CISCE, ICSE and various state boards, will begin from February 2019. As we enter December, the students are left with two months preparation time and must get ready to appear for both Class 10 and Class 12 annual exams.
Preparation strategies are essential for career-deciding examinations like Class 10 and Class 12. "Some strategies can help you maximise your preparation. Cardinal among that, is better time management - an important skill to have for every student but is essential for board students, especially those preparing for competitive exams," says Prateek Bhargava, Founder and CEO of Mindler.
He adds, to ensure that there are no last-minute hassles and you score well, you need to make a separate timetable to study every day in last 2 months before board exam.

Mentioned below are tips that could help manage time better as suggested by Mr Bhargava:

  • Plan your day well
  • Clear all your doubts
  • Write mock exams
  • Revise what you're not confident about
  • Take care of yourself