Become your own teacher-Study with Flashcards


What are flashcards? Flashcards are a set of cards containing a small amount of information for students. It is one of the aids of learning used in modern day education to help students not only to memorize the words or concepts but also to understand the concepts in a better way.

Using flashcards across the grades:

The flashcards don’t simply help the students to memorize the information shared on them as commonly thought. It helps in instilling a deep understanding of the concept by sharing relevant images and descriptions or content. The information presented and learned through the flashcards will be etched in the memory of the students forever. The flashcards can be used by the students of all grades. The students can make a set of flashcards with instructions or definitions as one set and another set with the concepts. The cards can be shuffled and relevant information or instructions and definitions can be discussed. The flashcards can be used at home or schools to elicit information from students and help them in retaining the concepts in their memory.

These flashcards can be used and created notes for the concepts learned. It is a very easy tool to use when students are doing self-study or group study. It is normally believed that flashcards are used mainly to teach the students of kindergarten and primary section alphabets, words, names, etc. However, the usage of the flashcards is not only limited to kindergarten and primary section. The students of all grades can use the flashcards and learn the concepts.

How can the teachers and parents use the flashcards?
In kindergarten and primary section, the flashcards are used by the teachers and parents to help the students recognize alphabets, birds, animals, and to teach many such concepts. In an attempt to help the teachers and parents to provide information to the young children, Edurite has come up with different combos of flashcards. The Edurite’s General Knowledge flashcards combination consists of 78 cards giving information about states and their capitals, the different modes of transport and the Indian national symbols. The Edurite’s educational flashcards combo consists of three sets of cards teaching A-Z alphabets, A-Z animals and A-Z birds. Further, The Edurite’s Hindi flashcards is another set of flashcards carrying information on Hindi alphabets and words. These flashcards help the young minds to recognize the alphabets, images, learn the words and spellings, and improve their knowledge.