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A Number of Reforms in CBSE to make Affiliations Easier

The annual CBSE governing body meeting held on Thursday discussed and approved a number of reforms and these include a complete remodel of affiliation bylaws in order to make the entire process faster. A new aspect has been adopted and for that the special needs students would take exams in their own schools as it would be more convenient for them. In this regard, standardisation of the question papers is another key point that has been highlighted during the meeting.

Further, the CBSE board got approval for a sports meet for students and teachers with disabilities. However, the five prominent committees — curriculum, affiliation, examination, vocational training and finance have clearly submitted their reports, along with the recommendations at the meeting. A governing body member mentioned, “The 90-page affiliation bylaws, which are outdated, will be pruned to 40 pages. The major focus of the changes is to ensure faster and easier processing for schools as well as the board. Currently, an application for affiliation takes around a year and a half, (but it) will be done in six months.”

As per the new and improved rules, the board would change the entire assessment process for affiliations and going forward, pedagogy, innovation, along with the scrutinising results will be on focus in the place of counting the number of books in the library or an updated fire safety certificate.

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Besides, a clause dealing with the exam malpractices in schools would be introduced and it would lead to punitive action like disaffiliation, and even prison time. Additionally, the board suggested to NCERT to bring rationalisation in the curriculum. The boards’ next step would be the major changes in the examination bylaws to make these refreshed and more valuable.The board is also planning a major revamp of examination bylaws.

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