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5 Tips for Getting Ready for Your Exams


Yes, the board exams are here now. With CBSE class 10th and 12 exams around the corner, students are going frenzy with last minute preparations. The more you think about the dreaded exam, the more anxious you feel. If you follow the tips shared for getting ready for your exams, you are bound to ace the exam without much stress.

Students, you can practice these simple tips and give your best in the exam.

  1. Practice Sample Papers: Once you complete revising your syllabus, it is important that you put into action what you have learned. The best way to do that is to practice sample papers. The CBSE practice sample papers include questions from all the important chapters from each chapter. Solving the CBSE practice sample papers will help in boosting your confidence levels. Therefore, you will be able to concentrate on the exam day and solve the questions easily. You can check the sample papers with answers here. Click to download latest CBSE sample papers

  2. Previous Year Question Papers: The more you solve the question papers, the better is the chance to get a good score. Solving previous years question papers also helps in making you understand what type of questions are asked, the time required to solve them, etc. It helps you in improving your knowledge and skill. You would be able to work and improve the speed, manage time, improve your writing skills, etc.

  3. Revising Summary Notes: After solving the question papers, you will be able to know the status of your preparation. You would understand the need for revising certain topics again. Here comes the role of summary notes of various chapters. The summary notes of different chapters belonging to different subjects will help in revising and remembering the topics learned. At this point in time, you may find it difficult to go through each and every point of the chapter. Therefore, summary notes will help in learning quickly and precisely.

  4. Keep Your Calm: You should avoid preparing for an exam at the last minute. The preparation should be started with ample time to complete the syllabus and do a revision as well. It is very important to avoid stress during the preparation time. You should always try to be calm and avoid frustrations on not being able to complete the allotted syllabus or portion on a particular day. You can try and revise the difficult topics again to avoid stress.

  5. Stay Focused: During the preparation time or the examination time staying focused in very important. If your concentration is getting affected, take a break for a couple of mins every hour and get back to studying. Feeling relaxed and solving the CBSE question papers will help you stay more focused towards your goal to achieve great marks.